You Don’t Need A Mentor

What I mean is, you don’t need a mentor right now. You’re at the stage at which you’ve gathered a ton of information on your hobby/ business idea and you want to start right now. So you tell your self you’re going to take a shortcut and you’re going to get a mentor that’s the best in their field. I’m here to tell you if you take the next 7 minutes to hear me out I’ll explain to you why you don’t need a mentor right now. Join my Mastermind: http://smarturl.it/MaxMastermind Game Changing Software My Team & I Created: www.REIRail.com GET YOU EVENT TIX HERE: http://www.WholesalingEliteLive.com Connect with me: www.instagram.com/therealmaxwell https://twitter.com/therealmaxwell Send Stuff for my Office PO Box: #26531 Winston Salem, NC 27113 📲 Join my Facebook group: http://smarturl.it/WholesalingElite Investor Carrot – http://smarturl.it/OnCarrotWebsite Property List Manager – http://smarturl.it/ListManager REISkip – http://www.REISkip.com REI RAIL – https://www.reirail.com/ ____ 🔈 Listen To My Podcast – http://smarturl.it/hw1b27 wholesale real estate & real estate education how to investing how to flip a house

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