Thinking Big With Think MultiFamily

I’ve been thinking a lot about getting into multi-family investment properties as of late, so this week I brought Mark and Tamiel from Think MultiFamily to share their knowledge on the podcast. We talked about how they started in real estate, and what the mindset needs to be when investing in multi-family properties. If you’re even remotely thinking about investing in multi-family properties, this is definitely information that you don’t want to miss out on.  As always, leave a comment and make sure notifications are turned on so you can access my content as soon as we upload! Game-Changing Software My Team & I Created: www.REIRail.com Mark & Tamiel’s Links https://www.thinkmultifamily.com/ https://www.thinkmultifamily.com/fire… Mark@thinkmultifamily.com Tami@thinkmultifamily.com

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