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Max Maxwell, is a successful entrepreneur who has been featured on many different media and news outlets. You can find some of the public coverage below.

How I got my start in wholesaling

Max Maxwell, is a successful entrepreneur and self-taught wholesaler who built a multi-million dollar real estate investment company in less than two years

Prior to beginning my career as a real estate investor, I worked for some of the top Fortune 100 companies traveling the world doing experiential marketing. While I enjoyed my time on the road working a variety of events, I knew deep down the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur was what I truly desired….

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Max Maxwell is CEO of Venture Atlas, a real estate investment firm in downtown Winston-Salem. After getting his real estate license at the age of 21, Max started at least 12 different businesses with varying degrees of success before building his multi-million dollar real estate company in a two year span by wholesaling and renovating properties. 

His Facebook group “Wholesaling Houses Elite” has over 100 thousand members. His YouTube channel has surpassed 190 thousand subscribers with 300+ videos teaching people how to make money in real estate with little to no start up capital.

In addition to real estate, Max is part owner of a talent agency, a software company and is a private pilot. Max is a first generation American of Jamaican descent who grew up in Winston-Salem graduating from West Forsyth High School in 2002.   

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