If you missed Max Maxwell’s 30-Day Wholesaling Challenge Kick-off Webinar – Click Here

January 15th (DAY 1) – Finding the hottest areas in your city/county is essential to starting your wholesaling business. If you need help, watch my YouTube vlog to find out exactly how to do this – Click Here Don’t forget to log your daily activities in your 30-Day journal to keep track of your progress! #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 16th (DAY 2) – Now that you know the hottest zip codes in your city/county, it’s time to go explore. Spend time today driving for dollars in your “hot zones.” The key is to look for distressed properties, ex. tall bushes, tall grass, call violation signs and much more! If you need help, watch my YouTube vlog to find out exactly how to do this – Click Here Download the @DealMachine app using the link I provided in the video and get 30-days FREE, then use the app to take pictures and create your master list of 20 to 50 distressed properties. Remember to write down your actions in your 30-day journal. Good luck! #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 17th (Day 3) – Now that you have your properties it’s time to get a hold of the owners. Send a postcard using DealMachine but I also want you to get on the phones. Use the special code that was sent to your email (that you used when joining the challenge) to skip 30 names with REISkip for $5. In that same email, you will also receive my call script that my team uses when contacting homeowners. #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 18th (Day 4) – Today I want you to do a little research about your state property tax system. Find out if your state is a tax lien state or a tax deed state. Once you do that comment below on the information you find. Most states have their list of delinquent houses listed online. You should spend at least one hour trying to search for this list for your city or county. #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 19th (Day 5) – If you want to be successful in this business it’s all about consistency. Today, I want you to spend another 3 – 4 hours driving for dollars, and gather at least 50 properties in your “hot zones” that you deem to be distressed. Keep the pace, go strong and remember you’re only one deal away! #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 20th (Day 6) – It’s time to triple down today and learn your market little better. Drive the hottest zip codes and look for new rehab projects or recently completed projects. Get out and talk to the neighbors of houses that seem abandon or vacant. Get familiar with your scripts because next week you’re going to be making tons of phone calls. #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 21st (Day 7) – Each of you should have received an email with the call scripts my reps use on a daily basis. Hopefully, you spent time this past weekend becoming familiar with them because today you will begin putting them to use. I want you to spend the day on the phone making as many calls as you can to potential leads. Remember, the only way to get good at this is to make calls consistently. The best time I have found to make calls is between 5 pm – 8 pm, however, if this doesn’t work for you, make your calls as time permits. Good luck! #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 22nd (Day 8) – Today’s goal is to tell everyone you know that you are looking for either investment property or a fix and flip property. A very simple way to consistently get deals every month is to use your own network as a resource. Tell your church members, tell your friends and tell your family; and when you get off work don’t forget to go driving for dollars. #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 23rd (Day 9) – Here we go, Day 9! As mentioned yesterday, in order to find properties faster you need to have other people look for you. Real estate agents and realtors are a great source of finding off-market homes. Spend today calling a few of them to let them know you are interested in very distressed properties and ask them if they find any can you be the first person they call. #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 25 – 26th (Day 11 & Day 12) – It’s the weekend and once again it’s time for you to drive for dollars. Why? Because the fastest way for you to close a deal is to make sure that you remain consistent and stay ahead of your competition. I also want you to continue to make cold calls using REISkip to connect with as many sellers as you possibly can. Then tomorrow night, Day 13, make plans to join me for another webinar to discuss your progress and answer any questions that you might have thus far. Check your email later on for details. Remember you are ONLY one deal away! #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 27th (Day 13) – Join me TONIGHT at 8:00 pm EST for my 30 Day Wholesaling Challenge webinar. The link has been emailed to all 3,428 of you. Check your email now. FYI… If you follow me on IG (and you should be doing that) the registration link has been posted in my IG story since earlier today. This is why it is important to follow the contest rules…you never know when or where I am going to post. #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 28th (Day 14) – Today I want you to focus on finding cash buyers. Find your local REI meeting, and go down to the courthouse or go online and find out when your next real estate auction is for properties in your area. I also need you to be on the lookout for a sheet that will tell you exactly what to say to potential buyers. This should arrive via email in the next couple of days. Let’s keep the momentum going and hustle hard. You are ONLY one deal away! #30DayWholesalingChallenge

January 29th (Day 15) – We are halfway through the challenge and I am excited to read the emails/posts from those of you who have said that you guys are getting closer to closing your first deal! Today I want you to spend the day finding out if your state is a closing attorney state or a closing title company state. Do a Google search, then head over to my FB group Wholesaling Houses Elite and ask who other investors in the group are actively using. Dive deep and use this information to give them a call to ask them if there are any special procedures you need to know about. Let’s keep the momentum going – ONE deal can change your life! #30DayWholesalingChallenge