Earn Your Leisure LIVE Podcast from Washington DC

I’ve been a fan of the Earn Your Leisure podcast since episode 1. Me and Dave have made it a ritual to listen to Rashad & Troy’s podcast on the way to the airport every time we travel. When I got the email to be on episode 50 I was pumped! And to be asked to speak at their LIVE podcast event last week in DC was an honor. We go from the dining room table to the Capitol One Arena hardwood. This time I got to speak on my favorite topic “Mindset”. I joined Ash Cash & Derrick Faulcon from the arena floor before the Wizards Clippers game in front of 50 of the biggest EYL supporters. Look out for the Earn Your Leisure squad to continue giving free game on business and beyond! As always, leave a comment and make sure notifications are turned on so you can access my content as soon as we upload it!

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