Being Ethical Pays | Winston Salem Meetup

This is the last meetup for 2019 that I had in my hometown, Winston-Salem, with Chris and Nasar. We had a lot of new faces that came out to talk and learn about real estate. We even had a few people come out from Nasar’s last meetup in Charlotte the night before. During this meetup, we talked about what most people were struggling within real estate and specifically wholesaling. A lot of the responses that we got had to do with confidence. So, we went over that and also even got in a quick roleplay with one of the attendees. The most important thing we talked about during the entire meetup was ethics. What being ethical means in real estate and how to maintain an ethical business. If you feel like you gained any valuable knowledge from watching this video, leave a like for me and share this video with a friend. As always, leave a comment and make sure notifications are turned on so you can access my content as soon as we upload it!

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