Break Into A NEW MARKET In 15 Minutes!

In this video, I’m going to show you how I can set up marketing in a new city in 15 or less. Hey gang. The wait is over. REISkip 2.0 is live now! www.ReiSkip.com We’ve completely revamped the system and invested nearly $1M to bring you all the enhancements you’ll see. Here are just a few highlights. REISkip 2.0 is… Simple. No messy templates. REISkip has the easiest upload in the industry and makes your list loading fast. Powerful. You don’t need owner names. You can skip trace with only an address. If you don’t have the owner’s name, we’ll add it for you. REISkip has national property and consumer data… so we know who the owner is, and will tell you with accuracy. On top of that, we’ll give you free property data with every skip trace. You don’t need county websites anymore, or expensive lead lists. We have the data, and will give you the full property record on top of the phone numbers and email addresses. Flexible. Single Skip Ability – if you just need to skip trace a single person or address, we have you covered. Easily manage your single skips and move them to any list in your account. There’s also “Advanced Search” capability, meaning that when you hit the magnifying glass at the top, you’ll be able to search across all of your lists for phone numbers, names, and addresses. Affordable. We’re offering 0.15 cent pricing across the board as part of our introduction. No tiers or maximums, just 15 cents. No subscriptions required, ever. It’s free to join and start skip tracing. *Same price for Bulk skip and single skips applies during this launch period – so there’s no maximum you need to worry about. Skip a single person, or a million. Bottom line, REISkip was built from the ground up by top data engineers and has the fastest bulk skip tracing engine in the world. We’ve tested it, and you can skip trace 100,000 addresses in under 30 seconds. Your list will be done in seconds, and numbers will appear before your eyes. Unlimited storage – Your lists are always safe with us. We don’t care how much you upload. Load a million! Seriously, we don’t care. Lead management – Take notes and organize the prospects in your list. You can even create custom tags. Use REISkip for lead management with your favorite dialer or RVM system. And yes, this is free too. That’s not even everything… Easily export any of your lists for upload in your favorite lead management software…. Refresh your skipped lists. Just click the refresh button, and we’ll refresh the phone numbers in any list loaded in your account…. Full Google street and map view for all of your leads. Take a good look at all of the properties in your lists without having to visit them… I’ll stop there. But stay tuned. We’ll be announcing even more features next week.

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